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London Worktops Direct (LWD) is a well established stone worktop supplier based in Park Royal, London. All of our worktops are fabricated on site in our factory , which means we can offer you the best price as there is no middleman. We accommodate both residential and commercial projects. We specialise in sourcing the finest materials for your worktop.
Areas we cover - All of England


Granite is a natural stone formed  over millions of years, this material consists of minerals (predominately comprised of quartz and feldspar) being pressed together under immense heat, over time granite blocks are created, this beautiful material will then be sliced into slabs. The pattern and colour will be dependent on factors such as heat and pressure.

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Marble is a stone which is formed when limestone is exposed to high pressure and temperature, this natural stone normally comes in variations of white with veins however we offer other colours. Marble is less porous than granite however less durable than granite.

Due to its natural nature Marble is often seen as a luxury stone, one of the most iconic buildings created in marble is the Taj Mahal.

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Quartz  is made from crushed quartz and resin making it one of the most durable materials. As this is a non-natural /manufactured stone there will be colour consistency as well as  offering a far wider range of colours and patterns. Quartz is non-porous and does not require sealing unlike granite. This is a great option if you are looking for a low maintenance worktop.

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Dekton is a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass and is a very desirable material for kitchen worktop surfaces. It is heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Dekton comes with a 25 Year warranty. Dekton is extremely durable, probably one of the most durable materials in the market place and can we used both indoors and outdoors.Call a member of our team to find out more or click here to view samples.