Dekton worktops are a hybrid of the best materials on the market. It combines quartz, porcelain, and glass to make one extremely hard wearing material

  • High Ultra Violet (UV) resistant – it is highly resistant to the UV rays from the sun, meaning that it won’t fade or degrade over time.
  • Highly scratch resistant – the most scratch resistant worktop on the market, this worktop will stay looking perfect with any slip of the knife. However, we do still recommend using chopping boards for safety.
  • Stain proof – the Dekton worktops are completely stain proof. This worktop is perfect for those that have the occasional spillage of food or drink. Even common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm this worktop.
  • High heat resistance – when you pick up a pan straight from the oven you need to put it somewhere fairly quick. Most worktops require a trivet, but with Dekton you can just put it straight onto the worktop.